Thursday, July 22, 2010

MPI #WEC10 Mobile Event App

The first time I used a mobile event application was at the MPI Meet Different show in Cancun Mexico. Anyone who knows me understands that I am a techie person. There was a time when I carried 3 cell phones because I "needed" to understand what others were able to do with their device. That number is now down to 2 devices (Driod and Apple Itouch) when I was able to get rid of the blackberry when I left Marriott.

Needless to say when I learned of the MPI Meet Different app in Cancun I downloaded it as fast as I could. I was shocked that this had not been better promoted and others were not using as much as I was. By day 3 the buzz of the app could be heard around the show, at receptions, etc. It was obvious to me that we were witnessing a change in the meetings mindset of convention and trade show attendees.

That show the app was not utilized as effectively as it could have been, but I would like to share with you one real life example of how this device made me more efficient...

It was a gorgeous day about 2pm. If you were at the show in Cancun the place was very spread out and hard to find "the spot" to network. I was hanging out with a few hotel buddies when somehow we got separated. I found myself wondering around the pool and beach area looking for them when from across the huge pool I spotted them. As I walked towards them I noticed they were sitting with 2 woman bathing in the pool. They were chatting about everything it seemed, except business. I noticed one of the woman from earlier in the show realized she was part of our show. I was quickly introduced and I was able to pick up her first name only. As everyone enjoy casual conversation by the pool I looked her up on the Meet Different event app attendee search feature (first name search) and was able to find out that she was a meeting planner for a large insurance company in the Midwest. Realizing this was NOT the place to solicit her for business, I was able to email her from her profile on the Mobile app with a simple message.

"I am sitting at the pool at MPI watching my friends try and talk business while you sit in the pool. I do not dare talk business with you right now, but I would love to connect with you when you are back in the office and discuss how we can work together :) "

On Monday, she replied with a few LOL's of her own....but ultimately provided me with the information I had wanted all along and the process of earning her business had started.

The bottom line for me. Meeting Different is upon us. It is more than a fancy tagline created by some marketing person hired by MPI. It really matters. Going into a show with as many tools and resources available to you to ensure you get the most return on your time and money invested in attending. You must be willing and prepared to Meet Different.

The Mobile event app by QuickMobile is brilliant and it gives me confidence going into WEC that I will have great ROI from the show. I hope to meet many people in Vancouver and hope you will look for me. I will be the guy with all the mobile devices!


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